Welcome to the Tea Room.

One of the most amazing things I’ve gained from being a brand designer is the community of creatives following a similar path. And since I can’t meet up with every single one of you and chat over coffee, I’ve created this little virtual tea room where we can hang out and grow together as designers. 

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Designer Templates

Position yourself as a professional in your business, establish clear expectations and boundaries in your projects, and provide a beautiful experience for your clients with our templates for designers.

Invoice Template
for Freelancers


Client On-Boarding Guide
for Freelancers


One Page 
Brand Guide


Contract Template
for Freelancers


Spilling the Tea

There are so many trials, challenges, and lessons that come with being a brand designer and business owner.

Here is where we share our own experiences so that up and coming designers can feel prepared and confident in their own journey.

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